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Atlantic Beach NC at Sunrise - NC Saltwater Vacations

About The Area

The Crystal Coast

At the Crystal Coast, North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks, we welcome you with a friendly smile, southern hospitality, fresh seafood, and warm ocean breezes. Named for its crystal-clear turquoise-blue waters, this 85-mile stretch of shoreline boasts a unique collection of beaches, waterfront towns, and history. What many don’t realize is that the Crystal Coast’s orientation is southward facing, which means that depending on time of year, you can see both the sun rise and set over the ocean. Also its close proximity to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream make the Crystal Coast a popular destination for world-class offshore fishing and tournaments, while its famous shoals make it a sought after SCUBA destination for wreck diving enthusiasts seeking to explore the famous “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” And of course, the countless miles of protected coastline and expansive beaches make the Crystal Coast a nature lover’s dream while the historic homes, maritime relics, and Fort Macon provide rich early American history.

With so many varied opportunities for unique coastal experiences, the NC Crystal Coast truly offers it all! In just one vacation, you could experience a national seashore and wild horses on a remote island; vast, uninhabited beaches and a lighthouse; the legend of Blackbeard; charming boutiques and waterfront restaurants; offshore fishing; SCUBA diving in the Graveyard of the Atlantic; early American history on a beachfront fort; watersports; live music; and an island vibe of surf, sand, and fun. Each of the local waterfront communities has its own culture, attractions, and events, making the Crystal Coast a year-round destination with small-town charm and world-class events.

The North Carolina Crystal Coast is located about 2 and a half hours east of Raleigh - just a straight shot down highway 70, 3 hours and 20 minutes east of Greensboro, 1 and a half hours from Greenville, 1 and half hours north of Topsail beach, and 2 hours and 45 minutes south of the North Carolina/Virginia border.

Atlantic Beach NC - NC Saltwater Vacations

Atlantic Beach has island vibes and is all about surf, sand, and fun! When driving onto the island from the Atlantic Beach Bridge, you’ll find funky local businesses on the causeway offering waterfront brews and live music ...

Morehead City NC - NC Saltwater Vacations

Downtown Morehead City boasts a vibrant waterfront atmosphere with dining, boutique shops, and live music at places like Jack’s Waterfront Restaurant, Southern Salt Seafood, Red Fish Grill, and King Mackerels Bar and Grill.

Beaufort NC - NC Saltwater Vacations

Historic Beaufort is North Carolina's third oldest town and was named by Travel + Leisure as “America’s Favorite Town.” The Beaufort waterfront is lined with quaint waterside restaurants, charming boutiques for shopping ...

Aquarium-Living-Shipwreck - NC Saltwater Vacations

This neighboring beach to Atlantic Beach features both a public oceanside pier and soundside pier. Enjoy a walk to the end of the oceanside pier for sweeping views of the ocean and beach, and then eat at Molly's Restaurant ...

Cape Lookout Lighthouse NC - NC Saltwater Vacations

Cape Lookout National Seashore is a nature preserve comprised of 56 miles of barrier islands and undeveloped beaches only accessible by boat. It’s popular for its white sand, clear blue waters ...


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